When the world was closing in
When it locked its gates and borders
When the virus was sweeping through our planet
When home held us hostage
When we were trapped inside the apocalypse
When we washed our hands to stay alive
When we zoomed to keep the lights on
When we stopped making sense of the deaths
When we forget how to dance
We kept hope alive
Kept the dreams alive
Building art in bedrooms and back gardens
Created beauty parlour as refuge
Book store as school
Kitchen as community centre
We assemble magic from the rubble.
Spinning strength from the struggle
Made a collision of society and culture
Placed the people at the centre
Reimagined connection
Through computer screens
Through language
We held each other.
Mentor Inspiration friend
Placed one foot in front of the other
Baby steps
We didn’t have to do this alone
We are rebuilding here
We are the difference
This glorious spectre of defiance
Architects of culture
Custodians of community
Anchor of our people
On the days when everything converged into a cataclysm.
We did not abandon ourselves
We held each other
Through screen
Through language
Mentor, Inspiration, Friend

I am proud of you
Look at the ways you let the speed of life surprise you
You didn’t swallow the storm
You are made of elastic dreams
Making more room for yourself
Owning this triumphant breath
Always swelling with possibilities
I am proud of your unfolding
Basking in this fullness of skin
a wonderland of pleasure
I have watched you stand on the precipice
Dragging the morning back
Just look at you
Dancing on the other side
Of those bridges you burnt to ash
As your transfiguration

Revolution by Wana Udobang


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Titelfoto: Fabian Sommer